Sky High Vert Program

This Vert Program is new to HoopStrength.  Its a jump program designed to help athletes get higher.  There are daily workouts that will be sent home with the players each week to be done.  This program is a mostly at home program.  If the player is not committed to doing the workouts at home on their own, then they will not get as drastic of results as the would be hoping for.

The workouts that will be sent home are simple, quick (30 mins average), and do NOT require any weights OR workout equipment.

Weekly the athletes will be meeting for 45 mins with Coach Will to practice and go over the workouts that will be sent home to be done.  Coach Will is also going to be creating a TeamSnap chat to post the videos of each work out so that the Athletes won't have an issue needing to remember the workouts after only seeing them once.

With this same chat, the athletes can either chat as a group with questions or support from each other or Coach Will himself.  Individual questions can also be asked in a private chat, or email, or phone call.

The weekly sessions will be held on Thursdays, 8:00pm-8:45pm at the McKenzie Towne Hall in the SE.

This program is $150. Follow the link below to register for it.