Fall Clinic: Ages 8-12

We are so excited to announce our upcoming Fall Clinics for our 8-12 year olds!!

We know how important it is to help our younger basketball players get their technique and correct habits in place early on in their basketball career.

Our Fall Clinics are separated into 2 dates with Ball Handling one night and Form Shooting the second night.  You can sign up for just one specific clinic but we definitely recommend players to develop in both areas! Each clinic is $75 + GST and will be on a Saturday evening at Lake Bonavista Community Centre.

Ball Handling – 6:15-9:15pm October 22, 2022. https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/338309

Form Shooting – 6:15-9:15pm November 19, 2022 https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/338312

Please sign up using the links above. It will take you straight to TeamSnap.  Space is limited for clinics, so please sign up early to secure a spot for your player!